This item is Ex-Hire. Shows signs of ware but is Fully Working.

It includes –

  • Yamaha P200 Stage Piano
  • Yamaha Sustain Pedal
  • Music Rest for Sheet Music
  • Stool (Pearl Roadster Throne)
  • Proel EL60 – Heavy Duty Table Stand with 2nd Tier adjustable arms
  • Flightcase with castors that houses all the above (see photos)

PLEASE NOTE the A0 (the lowest note) is a replacement key. There is a small gap between this key and the keyboards casing (see photo).


Yamaha P200

AWM(Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation, with stereo sampling – 64-note polyphony – 88-key Graded Hammer Effect Keyboard – Digital EQ, reverb, and modulation effects – Single, Dual, and Split voice modes – One-touch Performance memory recall – Organ Combination voice creation – Assignable wheel, slider, and panel switches – Comprehensive MIDI controls – Built-in stereo speaker system – Convenient Panel Switch Lock function(to prevent accidental changing of voices during performance) The new Yamaha P-200 Electronic Piano gives you the best of all musical worlds. It features brilliant, authentic instrument voices in a full-scale 88-key weighted action keyboard. The acoustic piano voices in particular are stunning – providing all the full-bodied resonance and sparkling tone of an actual grand piano. Plus, the expanded 64-note polyphony ensures that you’ll never run out of notes – even in the most densely played passages. With its effects, assignable controllers, extensive MIDI functions, and one-touch Performance settings, the P-200 also allows you to take full, expressive control over your music. Whether you’re practicing at home, recording in the studio, or performing on stage, the P-200 has all you need to sound your absolute best!



Perfect for the Studio or Stage

Whether you’re practicing at home, playing with the band, or doing a live solo performance, the Yamaha P series offers a range of models with just the features you need. All boast superb acoustic and electric piano voices along with a number of other essential instruments such as organs, bass, and even strings. And thanks to their GH (Graded Hammer effect) keyboard, the action on these digital pianos is as close to the real thing as you can get. Of course, what else would you expect from the world’s leading manufacturer of acoustic pianos.

If you’re looking for a digital stage piano that also makes a great MIDI controller, look no further than the P-200. It has many of the outstanding piano features found in the P-120/P-120S plus a full array of MIDI control functions.

Graded Hammer Effect

Leave it to the world’s leading manufacturer of acoustic pianos to develop a keyboard with action that’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Just as on a traditional acoustic piano, the keys of the lower notes have a heavier touch, while the higher ones are more responsive to lighter playing. The keyboard’s sensitivity can even be adjusted to match your playing style.

Create Your Own Organ Sounds

The P-200’s Organ Combination Editing feature lets you tweak the organ sound just the way you want it and store it for instant recall at any time. It gives you precise and flexible control over the flute footages and attack settings, allowing you to create various organ tones, from theater to jazz.

One-Touch Performance Recall

Virtually all of the P-200’s settings, including voice and mode selection, Organ Combination settings, transposition, MIDI channel, effects, keyboard sensitivity, and all controller settings can be stored as a Performance and recalled at the touch of a button, between songs or in the middle of a performance.

Comprehensive MIDI Control

The P-200’s extensive MIDI control capability makes it ideal for use as a MIDI master keyboard. In addition to pitch and modulation wheels, it’s equipped with a data slider that can be assigned to any standard MIDI control change number. A Panel Switch function allows you to control an external MIDI sequencer.

64 Notes of Polyphony

All the P series models provide a generous 64 notes of polyphony. This ensures that notes won’t be cut off, even when playing intricate classical and jazz pieces with long sustaining passages.

The P-200 features a variety of high-quality digital reverbs that simulate

The P-200 features a variety of high-quality digital reverbs that simulate different playing environments, from small rooms to large concert halls. For further warmth and ambience, you can add a second digital effect such as chorus, symphonic, tremolo or delay.

Split and Layer Modes

Split mode lets you select different voices for the left-hand and right-hand parts. Layer mode lets you combine any two voices together, such as piano and strings, to create lush timbres. The volume, fine-tuning, transposition, and MIDI channel can be set individually for each voice within a layer or split.


You can set velocity sensitivity and transpose, use the pitch bend wheel, assign the modulation wheel, foot controller, and CS (continuous slider) to any standard MIDI control change message, use the program change table to select any numbered voice on the tone generator, use the PS panel switches to control a sequencer, selectively filter specific incoming and outgoing MIDI data – and more!